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YFBL200-Y 【20W~80W】

Explosion-proof function: through the national authority explosion-proof certification, fully in accordance with the national explosion-proof
Standard production, safe and reliable work in flammable and explosive places.
Safe and reliable: The shell is made of ZL102 alloy die-casting, and the surface is high-pressure electrostatic spray
Plastic. Tempered glass tube, stainless steel exposed fasteners.
High efficiency and energy saving: The lamps are equipped with stainless steel grilles to increase the light efficiency of the lamps and reduce glare.
Easy to install: There is a wiring cavity inside the lamp, and there are special wiring terminals. user
When installing, it can be directly connected to the wire, and it is not necessary to set up a junction box, which is convenient for installation. Replace the lamp
When the tube is used, only the end cap needs to be removed, and the lamp tube can be replaced directly. Steel pipe, cable
The wiring can be used.
Suitable for flammable and explosive places such as petroleum, petrochemical, metallurgy, power plants, ships, etc.
Various indoor work sites and warehouses, platforms, corridors, etc. in combustible and explosive places are used as infields
Fixed lighting use.

Input Power  20W~80W
Explosion-proof mark Ex d II BT6
IP grade IP65
Anti-corrosion grade  WF2
Voltage AC220V/50Hz
Cable specifications Φ10mm~Φ14mm
Inlet thread G ”3/4
Connector specifications Reliable connection of wires ≤2.5m㎡


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