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Join Yaships to create a new pattern of public lighting
Maybe you are regretting now,
Remorse cooperation opportunities that have been lost with certain well-known Chinese brands;
Maybe you are helpless now,
Nothing but the poor products always bring you endless quality problems;
Maybe you are now sad,
Worried about a project that is currently big but suffers from lack of qualifications;
Maybe you are anxious now,
Anxious to delay the arrival of orders, customers urged again and again;
Maybe you are worrying now,
It's annoying that business is getting harder and harder for these years, and it takes a long time to change a good car;
Maybe you are angry now,
Anger's brand policy is becoming more and more rigorous and the benefits are getting worse;
Maybe you are looking forward now,
Looking forward to discovering a potential blue chip stock,
Looking forward to an opportunity to change the existing situation to a higher level,
We look forward to working with you with a brand, scale, and sincere company.

Now, the opportunity comes before you, when you see this text.
Join Ah Chih!
This is an opportunity,
This is an opportunity to create wealth,
This is an opportunity to grow with YASHIPS.
This is an opportunity to build an international famous brand of public lighting in China.

Join Yaships and you will have:
1. An internationally renowned brand with a Chinese protected trademark, ——YASHIPS. Within five years, it will rapidly rise as the first brand of public lighting in China, and will become an international famous brand of public lighting within 10 years.
2. public lighting a full range of products, high-quality product quality, no worries. The company has 20 years of professional experience in the production of public lighting products, with a complete product chain, LED lamps, HID lamps, explosion-proof lamps, electrical appliances, and light sources all produced on their own.
3. a professional marketing team all over the country, to bring you the most efficient and most intimate service.
4. professional media advertising & mdash; & mdash; "lighting technology and design", "big lighting", "lighting", Baidu, 360 search and other advertising.
5. Provide flexible and targeted marketing policy support, systematic personnel training, and standardized store design. Your suggestions or ideas will be fed back to the company the first time. The company will formulate related sales policies monthly to lead the market.
6. to provide the most comprehensive and professional project bidding support. The company has a large scale, complete qualifications, rich experience, and numerous engineering cases, laying a solid foundation for your project bid.