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1. Select imported high-power LED chips, the lumen value per watt is more than 110LM.
2. High-power LEDs can be used continuously for 50,000 hours and have a service life of more than 9 years. It saves 60% electricity compared to high-pressure sodium lamps and 80% more than incandescent lamps.
3. System integration design (heat sink is the lamp shell). Fully guarantee the requirements of LED conduction heat dissipation and lifetime guarantee. Although the development cost ratio is high, the ratio of quality assurance is higher.
4. Wide voltage input and constant current for LED operation. That is, it does not require the size of power grid fluctuations, nor does it affect the brightness and service life of the fixtures due to grid fluctuations.
5. Temperature compensated constant current technology design. LED factory lights without delay process, the power to reach the normal brightness.
6. PWM constant current technology design. LED is the best way to drive, but also to ensure the best working life of LED power, completely solve the problem of LED flash.
7. Unique LED package and optical integrated design and high color rendering. Make the room more clearly identify the clarity of things, but also reduce the degree of visual fatigue.
8. High-brightness LEDs and high luminous efficiency and high efficiency power supplies. The use of traditional light sources with large wattages and low-efficiency drive power for factory lighting fully reflects the advantages of energy saving.
9. LED light source pollution-free materials and purple infrared radiation. Make a significant contribution to the protection of the environment and the eyes.
10. No high pressure, no dust. Elimination of the traditional high-pressure light source factory lamp due to high-pressure dust suction brings too much dust inside the shade and affect the radiation.
11. High power factor, low harmonic distortion rate. PF ≥ 0.99; THD <10%, protection of the power line pollution.
12. Multi color temperature option. Can meet the requirements of different occasions.