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Yaships puts LED explosion-proof lights into production

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Four new designed explosion-proof lighting fixtures have achieved the explosion-proof certificate by the end of July. With the effort of each department, Yaships has equipped with all the production technology, equipments, working place and staff, the maximum annual output of which can be 200 thousand sets.

It is known that, for the four explosion-proof lighting fixtures, Yaships has been authorized more than 10 patent rights for utility models and designs.

Each of the lighting fixtures has new highlights.

BYH-050 LED maintenance-free and explosion-proof lighting fixture use 3 fin-type heat release system, which produce the uniform light on 180°,and high pressure driver which can avoid the power failure caused by electrolytic capacitor

BYH-120/240LED explosion-proof light adopt needle-type cooling system, releasing heart more quickly to ensure the life span of the fixture

DGS series LED explosion-proof roadway light adopt original LED spherical optical design with 27pcs led chip modules which provide center luminance from 0°to 240°space to ensure the lighting effect.

DGY series LED explosion-proof engine light adopt mixed light distribution system to meet the lighting requirements of roadheaders; Using special model structure and housing process together with a 10mm baffler for Led PCB solve the problem of shockproof and heat release.

Welcome every customer to use Yaships brand LED explosion-proof lighting fixtures.