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Precise positioning, professional focus——Interview with Yaships from《Da Zhao Ming》

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Precise positioning, professional focus

《Da Zhao Ming》make a report for Yaships about the enterprise over 20 years

1. What is the main factor for Yaships to run smoothly for 20 years even more? What are all these depend on?

2. Over the long years, what challenges has Yaships face? What is the most impressive one? How to get through all these difficulties?

3.Over the past years, what changes have taken place in lighting industry? What do you think of the further development of the lighting industry?

4. What do you think is the main reason for the shorter average life of lighting industry at present? As a established enterprise, is there any good suggestions to share?

Follows are the answers to the questions:

Jiangsu Yaships Lighting Group., Ltd, established in 1988, is an enterprise covering the development, production, design and installation of the outdoor public lighting. At present, Yaships has become the developing and manufacturing base of international fixtures, electrical components and light sources.

The main products are HID/LED lighting fixtures such as flood light ,explosion-proof light, ceiling light, wall pack light, high bay, area light, road light, tunnel light, tennis court light, earth-embedded light, landscape light, electrical components covering ballast, ignitor, electronic ballast, driver, etc. and light sources involving metal halide lamp, sodium lamp, etc.

The products are widely applicable for entirely lighting on building, large venues, park, bridge, squares and billboard etc.

“YASHIPS”has been awarded Chinese Famous Brand, Jiangsu Famous Trademark ,Jiangsu International famous Brand, Jiangsu Famous Products. “YASHIPS”has been recognized and gained customers’ priceless trust and loyalty with our reliable quality and credit.

Yaships has been standing in lighting industry for 30 years, and it is directly related to the brand positioning and company strategy. Yaships focus on outdoor and public lighting to make better service. We attach great importance to the quality, and 90 percent of the parts are manufactured by self which helps to control the quality. At present, Yaships can provide various products from traditional HID lighting fixtures, ballasts, ignitor, metal halide lamp, high pressure sodium lamp to LED lighting fixtures, driver, intelligent control, landscape design etc.

In recent 30years’ development, Yaships experience a lot of ups and downs, and also witness a lot of the rise and fall of the same occupation. Take Changzhou as an example, there are more than 300 lighting enterprises in the 1990s.However, after 20 years, there are less than 10 enterprises left, and there are less than five large ones. Yaships has been devoting itself to making YASHIPS international famous brand in public lighting area. It is not only a slogan, but also the goals we try to achieve. YASHIPS keeps being down-to-earth.

Since the rise of LED, the lighting area looks very hot, and also confused. The total industry is also facing intense competitions.

Lighting industry is also a low profit industry, it is very difficult to insist until the end. We need to concentrate on the brand and products.