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YFBL196-D 【50W-200W】

This product has passed the explosion-proof certification of the national authority, has excellent explosion-proof and anti-static effects, and can work safely in various flammable and explosive places;
The lighting mode of the lamp can be selected arbitrarily, the spotlight design, the height is high and the illumination distance is far; the floodlight design, can realize the ultra-uniform floodlight, effectively control the glare, and ensure safe production;
Special sealing structure, high-quality impact-resistant bulletproof rubber material and lightweight high-hardness alloy shell, anti-static surface treatment, anti-static, waterproof, shock-proof, and good corrosion resistance, ensuring normal work in various harsh environments and climatic conditions ;
Modular design can solve the problem of difficult maintenance of traditional LED lamps. Module replacement can be realized without opening the lamps.
It is suitable for inflammable and explosive places such as petroleum, petrochemical, metallurgy, and power plants; power gas plants, oil depots, oil wells, plant areas; various indoor and outdoor lighting, construction site lighting and street lighting.
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Input Power  50W-200W
Explosion-proof mark Ex de ⅡC T6 Gb
Voltage AC220V
IP grade  IP66
Anti-corrosion grade WF2
Adapted light source LED
Working Temp. -30℃~+50℃
LED Life Span(L70/B50) 60000h


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