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YFBL201-XB <6W

Explosion-proof explosion-proof lamps and lanterns meet the requirements of explosion-proof and fire-fighting standards at the same time.
Safe use in flammable and explosive places;
The enclosure protection level reaches P65, which can be used reliably in various places indoors and outdoors;
The lamp comes with emergency battery, and the emergency lighting time is more than 120 minutes, which is fully satisfied
The need for evacuation instructions in emergencies;
The lamp has an automatic intelligent detection function. When the emergency function is found to be abnormal in the self-inspection, it will
The flashing of the yellow indicator light will prompt, which is convenient to deal with the fault in time and eliminate
In addition to safety hazards;
The lamps are equipped with a simulation test switch, which is convenient for regular simulation interruption according to fire protection requirements.
Electrical test to check whether the emergency function of the lamp is normal.
Applicable to hazardous locations in Zone 1 and Zone 2; IIA, IIB, and IIC explosive gas environment;
Inflammable and explosive places, all kinds of indoor and outdoor, corridors, etc., the sign lighting that makes the entrance instructions is convenient to guide the evacuation of personnel in the event of sudden power outages or accidents.

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Main electric power <6W
Emergency power <6W
Emergency power capacity 2.5Ah
Emergency working hours 120min
Emergency charging time 24h
Main voltage 220V
Emergency voltage DC1.2V
IP grade IP65
Anti-corrosion grade WF2
Explosion-proof mark Ex de ⅡC T6 Gb


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