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YGPL270 36W

The average illuminance of the desktop is better than the national standard, the classroom is brighter,
No flicker, no blue light hazard, protect eyesight,
Moderate color temperature helps stabilize mood and improve learning efficiency,
High color rendering indicator, strong color reproduction ability, can protect vision development,
Energy saving and electricity saving, more than 50% energy saving under the same conditions,
It is environmentally friendly and does not contain harmful substances from mercury lamps.

Power  36W
System Efficiency 95 lm/W
Color Temp. 5000K
CRI Ra>95,RA>50
Voltage 220-240V
Power Factor 0.95
Working Temp. -20℃~+45℃
Average illuminance of blackboard surface 850±150lux
Average degree of blackboard >0.8
Depth of stroboscopic fluctuation ≤0.21%
No blue light hazard RG0


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