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YST30-140 6W-50W

Specification: T30 / T37 / T45 / T50 / T60 / T80 / T100 / T120 / T140
Power supply: DOB/independent/linear
Suitable for home lighting, shopping malls, restaurants and various public places, etc.

Model Power Input Voltage  Lumen Beam Angle  CRI  CCT Lamp Holder 
YST3006 6W AC90-265V 470Lm 270°
>80 2700K-6500K E27/B22
YST3709 9W AC90-265V 806Lm 270° >80 2700K-6500K E27/B22
YST4512 12W AC90-265V 1055Lm 270° >80 2700K-6500K E27/B22
YST5015 15W AC90-265V 1200Lm 270° >80 2700K-6500K E27/B22
YST6009 9W
AC90-265V 806Lm 270° >80 2700K-6500K E27/B22
YST8018 18W AC90-265V 1521Lm 270° >80 2700K-6500K E27/B22
YST10028 28W AC90-265V 2452Lm 270° >80 2700K-6500K E27/B22
YST12040 40W AC90-265V 3600Lm 270° >80 2700K-6500K E14/E27/B22
YST14050 50W AC90-265V 4500Lm 270° >80 2700K-6500K E14/E27/B22


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