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The General Manager of CREE China, Doctor Shao Jiaping Visit Yaships

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Doctor Shao Jiaping, a general manager at CREE China, come to visit YASHIPS

General manager at CREE China doctor Shao Jiaping, deputy secretary general of China Lighting Electric Appliance Association Wenqidong and chief editor of 《Ancient town lighting》Caolihui visited Yaships on Jan,19.2015.

We made a hot discussion on the present lighting market and show the visitors around the manufacturing workshop. Yaships has been praised by the editor Caolihui for the model of full range of products. Under such a fierce competition, it is very estimable for Yaships to insist on developing the LED fixture market. Talking about the further cooperation, Shao indicated that CREE will work closer with Yaships for developing the lighting market.